Today is the one year + one week anniversary of the birth of TIA. I’ve decided to go on an indefinite hiatus. I really enjoyed working on the blog for the past year, but circumstances change. I think I’ve left a good body of work for you to peruse at your leisure.

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I desperately want to write a story about mirrors, because they’re so versatile. They’re vanity, fragility, beauty, twinning, and that’s just off the top of my head. My idea is to equate mirrors with failed relationships, like a mirror breaking before a date or something. Or using another mirror for makeup, only to get it wrong. And sometimes mirrors lie.

But alas, the other Muse is in Madagascar making homemade vanilla extract.

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The Muse is taking an extended vacation in Antigua. She’s not coming back any time soon. I came up with two lines, none of which are even remotely related.

Growing up by satellites

They provide a good riff

I have these notes in my Stickies application:


-TV, bras, pills (pharmies)

-“I love to watch things on TV”

Sputnik/Space race

I guess I was thinking about Sputnik at the time.


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The “Hey” Playlist

In no particular order:

  • The Chemical Brothers “Hey Boy Hey Girl”
  • Led Zeppelin “Hey Hey What Can I Do”
  • Outkast “Hey Ya!”
  • Jimi Hendrix “Hey Joe”
  • The Beatles “Hey Jude”
  • Filter “Hey Man Nice Shot”
  • Pink Floyd “Hey You”
  • Oasis “Hey Now!”
  • Foo Fighters “Hey, Johnny Park!”
  • Tori Amos “Hey Jupiter”
  • Sonic Youth “Hey Joni”
  • Beulah “Hey Brother”
  • Hank Williams “Hey Good Lookin'”
  • No Doubt “Hey Baby”
  • Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy”

There are plenty of others, but am I gonna include the Black Eyed Peas or Blessid Union of Souls? HELLS NO.

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Fox News’ Website is More Erudite Than This One

It’s a sad fact, ladies and gentlemen. Google has started determining reading levels of websites in their Advanced Search function, and according to Gawker, Fox News’ website is at 23% Basic, 73% Intermediate, and 2% Advanced levels. (Why does this add up to only 98%? Perhaps I can take this with a grain of salt.)

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Crossword Puzzle 12/15/10

I’m still working on today’s puzzle and probably won’t finish it (that’s what happens when one completes Monday’s and Tuesday’s), but there was a particularly saucy clue – 24-Across: Strippers’ tips, often. John Lampkin, you minx you!

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Random Video

I have an unhealthy love for George Michael. Normally I don’t feel the Christmas festivities and most Christmas music makes me gag. (I’m Jewish, okay? My therapist says these feelings are totally normal.) But this song, along with The Pogue’s and Kirsty McColl’s “Fairytale of New York” makes me happy.

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I’ve been neglectful. I think I had a very busy week last week, and the internet was crapping out on me during the Top Chef All-Stars Live Tweet, which was discouraging. I didn’t know what else to write about and gave up for a few days. Too many recent postings have been about crossword puzzles, which I love writing about but that’s not the only thing here. WordPress tracks how people get to your blog, and the single most popular post here is an obituary, which bums me out at times. Some people have really morbid Google searches, but it’s that time of year for some. I won’t get into that specifically. Frowny face emoticon.

On the bright side, I finally saw Part One of The Deathly Hallows! You’re next, Black Swan!

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Crossword Puzzles 12/13/10-12/14/10

Oh dear, I’ve been terrible about updating the blog – I’m even feeling guilty about it. Anyway, Monday’s and Tuesday’s puzzles are both completed, and there were some fun crossings. For example, Monday had 50-Down: Mello ___ (soft drink) intersect with 65-Across: Ginger ___ (Y-E-L-L-O and A-L-E, respectively). Today had 57-Across: Summer woe and 46-Down: Strands during the winter, perhaps cross paths, (S-U-N-S-T-R-O-K-E and I-C-E-S-I-N, the latter of which I’m definitely feeling! BRING BACK SUMMER! No wait, I don’t like summer either! BRING ON SPRING!)

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WFMU’s Black Velvet Portrait Gallery

I volunteer at WFMU in Jersey City, and they have this amazing black velvet portrait gallery on the third floor. I would take my own photos but 1) my camera is giving me problems and 2) I found this gallery on Flickr that’s so much better than what I could take. Below is the creepiest one.

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